What Sets Us Apart

Gentle Dentistry for the Whole Family

Imagine a dental office where everyone is concerned about your comfort and genuinely wants to help you become happier and healthier. Dr. Emily Schaefer and her team have created that office, where you will receive gentle dental care that is tailored specifically to you!

At our practice, you will always be cared for as a member of our family. We want you to feel safe and relaxed during visits, with the understanding that we practice gentle dentistry that will improve your oral health and help you achieve your smile dreams. We are here to serve and help you. Truly, it is our honor to be your smile care partners.

Patient-Centered Dentistry

We know the best dental experience, strongest oral health, and happiest patients all start with teamwork. Dr. Schaefer and our team members want to form a partnership with you. We will work hard to understand your care goals, carefully evaluate your clinical concerns, and teach you about what is happening in your mouth.

Then we will talk about treatment options and you will decide which care approach is right for you and your life. As a team, we promise always to:

  • Provide the highest level of clinical care, with an emphasis on preventing problems
  • Make ethical treatment recommendations that are appropriate for your clinical and personal needs
  • Educate you about your oral health and how it affects your body, and teach you how to take control of your smile’s health
  • Focus on clear and open communication, so you are fully informed and feel comfortable asking questions
  • Be supportive, encouraging, and respectful of you as a person

Family-Friendly Dental Care

A person’s oral health concerns change throughout their life. Dr. Schaefer is experienced with creating custom dental plans for patients, from children through teens, adults, and seniors. She works one-to-one with each patient, to encourage them to be proactive in caring for their teeth. Her goal, along with our team, is for you to be excited about taking care of your smile, so you can enjoy it for a lifetime!

Schedule a Visit

As a small practice, we set our schedule. You will not be kept waiting in the reception area; you will have plenty of time with Dr. Schaefer, and never feel rushed. Instead, we will let you set the pace of treatment and make sure you are always happy with the care you receive. It should be easy to come in for routine visits! We are available five days a week and also have evening appointments should you require something after work hours.  

Please contact our Buffalo, NY family and cosmetic dental office and schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one. It will be our honor to be your oral healthcare partners, and work toward the shared goal of a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles for you. Call today!